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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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The Phillies are the NL Yankees - aging players with bloated, long term contracts and a depleted farm system.

I don't see the rationale for canning Manuel with weeks left in a lost season. The guy has had a bunch of good years there with a title thrown in. Unless this is an on the job audition for Sandberg, they could have just waited until the day after the season to wack him.
The difference between the Yankees and the Phillies is that the Yankees' woes are largely due to the business guys like Levine running the show, and Hal Steinbrenner's Project 189 madness. The Phillies' problem is that a certifiable lunatic who once said "I don't care about walks" is in charge of their front office.

Manuel wasn't even under contract after this season, which makes the firing all the more bizarre.
All absolutely true. However, I do think it's more than Amaro. I think the entire organization has problems that are symbolized by that hiring and it isn't as simple as replacing him.
That article is kind of silly, though. Rube is the senior vice president and general manager of the Phillies -- he sets the tone. It's as simple as that.

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I really just want to know what the hell the Cubs management team is smoking to justify giving Castro anything at all.
My hunch has always been that Epstein and Hoyer felt they were locking down a cost-controlled young shortstop who hadn't yet been totally exposed as a knucklehead with no sense for the strike zone, with the hopes of flipping him for genuine assets (to a moron like Rube, for example). The move has clearly backfired, however.
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