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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

I finished my read-through this afternoon. First impression: DAMN! That's long!

Second impression: If the publishers would like to send me the "galleys" of Season Two, I'd be glad to give it a proof-reading once-over. I found in the neighborhood of 200 typos and other errors. I'm sure I missed a bunch; I'm not a professional proofreader.

Third impression: Cushman might've done better homework. He brandishes the "revelation" that "Space Seed" was shot BEFORE "A Taste of Armageddon" as if nobody had ever reported this before. Yet, when I pull out my First Edition copy of Allan Asherman's The Star Trek Compendium, I find the following details: "Seed" was "Filmed in middle and late December, 1966" and "Armageddon" was "Filmed in late December 1966 and early January 1967."

So, I've known that those two episodes were shot in that order since 1980, when Asherman's book came out.

Admittedly, that information (and lots of other good stuff) was cut from later editions of the Compendium to make room for information about the evolving film series. That's why I've kept my First Edition copy all these years, even though it's falling apart.

The production numbers of those episodes are 6149-23 for "Armageddon" and 6149-24 for "Seed," indicating that they were intended to be shot in a different order (which Cushman explains in some detail) but he crows a bit extravagantly about resurrecting an 33-year-old bit of Trek trivia. (The "production numbers" come from the copies of the scripts published by a few years ago.)

Third impression: Despite its flaws, I like this book. It's a very engaging read (I rarely read 400 pages in a couple of long sessions, as I did with the last 400 pages here.)

Fun factoid: the copyright page lists "Interior Design: Marc Cushman, Susan Osborn and Gurian." Which completely blows my earlier attempt at even-handedness right out of the water. It seems unlikely Cushman was unaware of the "harvesting" and "repurposing" of the restoration work of other people. That's unfortunate, because I WANT to read Season Two and Season Three, but I'm reluctant to reward this kind of behavior.

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