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Re: Print-on-demand retrospective TOS book forthcoming

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Would love to read a treatment of what Black's envelope story and how different it was to what actually aired.
Sadly, there's no details about it in the book. There's mention of Black's WGA action against Roddenberry over "The Menagerie" wrap (which Black lost) but no details at all about what was in Black's version. A curious oversight. And if Black (who was interviewed for the book) asked him not to reveal any details, then Cushman should've said so. Instead, it appears he just "forgot" to include it. There are details of every other purchased treatment and/or teleplay that could be found, as well as details of some that were never even purchased (like unsolicited treatments from Philip Jose Farmer) but nothing of Black's final work as Star Trek story editor. Perhaps it's lost forever.
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