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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

FOOL ME ONCE... continued

Yoga Jones isn't the only one who had their back story highlighted in this ep. The wonder that is Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett was also up for review.

Before we see her past, however, we see what she's like after 24 (?) hours in Psych. She & Leanne are folding sheets in the laundry (I really like how we see/hear everyone working their jobs this week. Crazy Eyes & Piper mopping, Gina & Red doing working the kitchen or its shipments, the three amigas (not) in the laundry & Morello as the trusty van driver) and "Tucky" is strangely silent. Even when Alex tries to goad her, she doesn't respond, much to Leanne's chagrin.

Leanne: Why ain't you throwing it back at her?
Doggett: Cause there ain't no point, Leanne all right? I got beat. Ain't nobody up there looking out for me no more.

Then TD has some real introspection.

Doggett: You know, it finally come to me, after all this time I've been following HIM. I finally heard HIM talk to me... HIM saying I was "his girl". I was. (Because of her sudden skill at faith healing). Turns out, it wasn't HIM. It was CHAPman, the bitchdevil of Litchfield.

I found it interesting that at this point, Alex intervened NOT to admit it was SHE who started the gaslight gag, but just to extoll Piper's confession that allowed Pennsatucky to get out of Psych at the expense of 2 weeks of sleepless nights scrubbing toilets & floors.

Doggett is not into revenge, but she is into explaining to us her view of religion.

Doggett: Do you know what if means if there ain't no-body up there punishing the evil-doers? It means there's ain't nobody giving out prizes for the good ones neither. Cause there ain't no judge, there ain't no justice. We just crawl around this earth like ants, and then we die.

Which sets up an interesting segue into Tiffany's past.

She's lying naked in bed, smoking with her "significant other". They are having a talk about her current pregnancy. He's trying to point out the advantages of having a baby, first among them are the money from the State & the WIC (Women, Infants & Children) packages. Doggett is being more practical. Her cousin was arrested after the birth of her child and the baby was "taken away" because the illegal drugs found in her system. She was arrested for endangering a minor and Doggett wasn't going to follow suit.

The boyfriend suggested stopping drugs to avoid that outcome... but neither one could hold a straight face at THAT thought!

She tried to get him to bring her to the clinic, but of course he was busy and she had to find a ride elsewhere.

Eventually we see Doggett pulling her own IV out of her arm and begin changing from the johnny gown into her clothes at the clinic. She looks uncomfortable. A nurse? aide? walks into the room to stock it, and makes an unfortunate comment.

Red Shirt Nurse: Number 5, huh? We should give you a punch card. Get the 6th one is free.

Oh honey.

Dogget goes out to a waiting truck (Not the boyfriend) and pulls a shot gun from the rack in the cab. When asked what she was doing, her response was "She disrespected me." and back in she went... walking by the antiabortion protestors with the shotgun. The next thing we see is them reacting to the gun shots.

Nobody "disrespects" Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett.
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