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Re: Post TMP 5 Year Mission

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6. You said Forgotten History would be between Kobayashi Maru and the L.A.Graf stories. What does that mean for Home is the Hunter and Enemy Unseen? Should they stay in that gap and be before or after Forgotten History? Or should I move them elsewhere?
I don't personally count those as part of the current novel timeline. HitH contradicts In the Name of Honor by killing off Garrovick, and EU... well, it has continuity issues. Mainly, the characters in the book acted like they'd never heard of a shapeshifter before, which clashes with "The Man Trap," "Catspaw," "Whom Gods Destroy," "The Survivor," etc.

Anyway, FH has three parts, one of which spans TOS and the interim period, one of which is in 2274 while Spock is on leave to mentor Saavik, and one of which is in 2275 after Spock's return.

7. Also how do you feel about the placement of Covenant of the Crown and Timetrap?
Covenant needs to be 18 years after Kirk was a lieutenant commander. Since he was a lieutenant when the Farragut was destroyed in 2257, I put its flashbacks in 2258 and the main body of the novel in 2276.

I don't count Timetrap in the modern continuity.

8. And are Doctor's Orders and Spock's World ok relative to the other Diane Duane novels?
Spock's World takes place between The Romulan Way and Swordhunt. Doctor's Orders doesn't make overt references to the rest of the Duane novels, so it's harder to place.

9. Do your TMP stories refer to your TOS short story As Others See Us?
As yet, I've had no opportunity to revisit any of that story's concepts in any later work. I assume that story takes place sometime between "Turnabout Intruder" and TAS.

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Why couldn't there be another 5 year mission?
There couldn't be a second 5YM before TMP, given what's now understood. It used to be uncertain how much time passed between TOS and TMP, and though TMP itself indicated pretty clearly that Kirk had spent only "five years out there," there were nonetheless some fans and writers who assumed the in-universe interval was close to the 10-year real-life interval, leaving room for a second 5YM before Kirk's promotion to admiral. Some old books were written with this assumption in mind, but it's no longer viable given modern chronological assumptions.

But like I said, that's a different topic from the idea of a 5-year mission after TMP. JWolf is simply confusing the two issues. There is no dispute (as far as I'm aware) that the Enterprise crew spent several years on a mission between TMP and TWOK, and quite a few works of fiction assume that mission was 5 years in duration; in particular, The Captain's Daughter has flashbacks to just after the end of that mission, explicitly referring to it as a 5-year mission. Although the Crucible trilogy (in a separate continuity from the rest of the novels) instead makes it a 7-year-long round-trip voyage to a distant part of space.

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The VotI reasoning as I see it is that The Pandora Principle takes place six years after Spock discovers Saavik and takes a year leave of absence to begin her education. I think this year is widely believed to have been around 2274/2275. So they concluded TPP takes place in 2281. This also gives Saavik 4 years at the Academy between her admission in TPP and her Kobayashi Maru in 2285 in STII.

I see two possibilities to solve this situation.
  1. Saavik was found by Spock around 2269/2270, and Spock took the year off during the end of the first five year mission. Then TPP takes place around 2275/2276, with Deep Domain still in 2278. Saavik rose to the rank of Lt. before graduation partly because she stayed in the Academy for about 8 years before graduation.
  2. The second five year mission is actually longer than 5 years. TPP does take place in 2281, but Deep Domain doesn't take place until later. Then there is still four years for Kirk to be an admiral, have occasional adventures on Spock's Enterprise, retire, and then come back before TWoK.
Christopher, does the dating of option two correspond to the details of your Mere Anarchy tale? I know it would be hard to reconcile Spock taking a year off during the original five year mission with the sheer number of tales already crammed into the final few years.

There may just be no really good way to reconcile the timing of The Pandora Principle.
In fact, a number of the details of TPP have been superseded by other subsequent works, including Unspoken Truth, which borrows some elements from TPP but interprets other elements differently (including the portrayal of Hellguard and the idea that Saavik was raised by Sarek and Amanda after Spock's initial training). So in writing Forgotten History I followed what UT said rather than what TPP said.

In my version, after Darkness Drops part 1 comes The Kobayashi Maru, then after that comes the Hellguard rescue mission where Spock finds Saavik, followed by the appropriate flashback chapters in Unspoken Truth, during Spock's yearlong leave to train Saavik in civilized behavior (one of the ideas from TPP which UT does use). Forgotten History part 2 is a few months into Spock's leave, and part 3 is 9 months later, not long after his return. Obviously any other post-TMP books would have to come after that, since Spock is in them all.
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