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Re: Post TMP 5 Year Mission

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They put it after DD? That doesn't make sense. The Pandora Principle should come late in the post-TMP 5-year mission, before Kirk's second promotion. A plot thread in that book is about Kirk being worried that he's going to be promoted to the admiralty again.
I just finished Deep Domain and then The Pandora Principle, and I was offput by the seeming reverse order in the VotI timeline. It also appeared to me that TPP should take place before Deep Domain what with Kirk's subplot, Chekov's presence on the Enterprise, and Nogura still being in charge of the Enterprise as opposed to Admiral Morrow in Deep Domain.

The VotI reasoning as I see it is that The Pandora Principle takes place six years after Spock discovers Saavik and takes a year leave of absence to begin her education. I think this year is widely believed to have been around 2274/2275. So they concluded TPP takes place in 2281. This also gives Saavik 4 years at the Academy between her admission in TPP and her Kobayashi Maru in 2285 in STII.

I see two possibilities to solve this situation.
  1. Saavik was found by Spock around 2269/2270, and Spock took the year off during the end of the first five year mission. Then TPP takes place around 2275/2276, with Deep Domain still in 2278. Saavik rose to the rank of Lt. before graduation partly because she stayed in the Academy for about 8 years before graduation.
  2. The second five year mission is actually longer than 5 years. TPP does take place in 2281, but Deep Domain doesn't take place until later. Then there is still four years for Kirk to be an admiral, have occasional adventures on Spock's Enterprise, retire, and then come back before TWoK.
Christopher, does the dating of option two correspond to the details of your Mere Anarchy tale? I know it would be hard to reconcile Spock taking a year off during the original five year mission with the sheer number of tales already crammed into the final few years.

There may just be no really good way to reconcile the timing of The Pandora Principle.

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