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Star Trek: Voyager, 2380

It has been two years since the U.S.S. Voyager returned from its historic trek through the Delta Quadrant. Following the extreme conditions they found themselves in, isolated from family, friends and the fleet, they have returned to find a very different Alpha Quadrant, which they must now play their part in rebuilding.

Commanding Officer – Captain Chakotay – Human, Male
A special hearing was held to go through his actions both as a member of the Maquis and on Voyager, which cleared him of any charges and, at the insistence of Admiral Janeway, he was promoted to Captain.

First Officer – Commander Tuvok – Vulcan, Male
Whilst on Vulcan for treatment, he was approached by Chakotay to return to duty as his new XO. He surprised many by agreeing; though the two hadn’t always agreed with each other there was a bond of mutual respect.

Chief Engineering Officer – Lt. Commander B’Elanna Torres – Human/Klingon, Female
After a year spent playing house on Earth, it was clear she wasn’t the stay-at-home-mother-type, so it was agreed she would return to active duty. Chakotay had her transferred aboard in a matter of hours.

Chief Medical Officer – Lt. Commander Lojia Sadet – Bolian, Female
Somewhat eccentric but always brilliant, her mind works in an odd manner, finding inspiration and new ideas in some of the most unusual ways. She takes some getting used to, but her skills easily rival the EMH.

Chief Flight Control Officer – Lieutenant Zavier Ayala – Human, Male
A long-serving member of the crew, he has been through a great deal over Voyager’s journey. Allowed to remain in Starfleet, Chakotay wanted to keep his experience and skills close and offered him a post onboard.

Chief Operations Officer – Lieutenant Greskrendtregk – Ktarian, Male
Husband of Samantha and father of Naomi, they spent almost eighteen months together as a family, before Naomi was eligible to enter the Academy. Afterwards, they requested a new posting together.

Chief Science Officer – Lieutenant Samantha Wildman – Human, Female
After reuniting with her husband and spending over a year on a Starbase until Naomi decided to go to the Academy, they wanted to return to starship duty. She was astounded by the request to return to Voyager.

Chief Security/Tactical Officer – Lieutenant Fechel Ra-Ghevahd – Efrosian, Female
A quiet and reflective young woman, she is very much the warrior priest her people make themselves out to be. Highly efficient in her use of force, she wields it like a scalpel not a club, to great effect.

Field Trainee – Cadet Icheb – Brunali, Male
The first liberated Borg drone to enter Starfleet, he excelled in the Sciences (astrophysics and genetics). Initially faced with some trepidation and hostility, that has passed. He requested his field training on Voyager.
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