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Re: Post TMP 5 Year Mission

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1. Where would Forgotten History best fit?
Well, first off, I personally put The Darkness Drops Again before The Kobayashi Maru. Forgotten History would probably go between that and the L.A. Graf books.

2. Why are the L.A. Graf novels like Firestorm and Ice Trap placed so early. I read that they feature the "red jacket" uniforms so shouldn't they be after The Better Man where these uniforms are introduced. Or is there other timeframe details that force the earlier placement?
Firestorm is supposed to be five years after "Elaan of Troyius." Ice Trap is eight years after Chekov joins the crew, which should make it 2275 by my reckoning, but for some reason the Pocket Timeline puts it in '74. (Even given that he was aboard as of "Space Seed," that was late enough in the season that it should be 2267.)

Also, I don't know why they put The Better Man so late, when it's explicitly in 2273. At the time it was written, the Okudachron put TMP in 2271 for unclear reasons, so Howie wrote the book with the assumption that it was two years after TMP, hence the "new uniforms" reference. But once VGR established that Kirk's 5-year mission had ended in 2270, that meant TMP had to be in 2272-3, and Pocket assumes '73. So that would put TBM much sooner after TMP. Personally I put it between Ex Machina and Darkness Drops, making it the second adventure post-TMP, and I take McCoy's reference to the "new uniforms" as being about the TMP uniforms which he's still getting used to (after all, they're never specifically described as red jackets).

3. Other than the three novels listed above and Deep Domain. Do any other stories in the list feature the "red jacket" uniforms?
Hard to say. I don't think a lot of them specify in the text, and you can't always trust what's on the covers.

4. I recently flipped through Pandora's Principle and noticed Kirk was called Captain. Shouldn't he be an Admiral if this story happens after Deep Domain during his Academy Instructor days?
They put it after DD? That doesn't make sense. The Pandora Principle should come late in the post-TMP 5-year mission, before Kirk's second promotion. A plot thread in that book is about Kirk being worried that he's going to be promoted to the admiralty again.

5. Am I correct in understanding that New Earth's time placement of being shortly after TMP is only mentioned in the notes and cover blurbs? I read somewhere that it features Kirk as an Instructor at the Academy and Spock as a Captain which would place it after Deep Domain. But contrary to this placement, Chekov hasn't begun his transfer yet and the "red jacket" uniforms are introduced as new for the second time. Are there any other timing issues?
There are a lot of issues with those books, but those are the main ones I'm aware of. Yeah, for some reason, most of the post-TMP books with historians' notes over the years have claimed they were "shortly" after TMP, even when there was no reason for that claim. But the Timeliners concluded that those books made more sense if they were after the second 5YM, and I agree with that conclusion.

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Nope. I'm thinking of the 2nd 5yr mission that never was a 5yr mission. Any book that mentions a 2nd 5yr mission has it wrong.
No, King Daniel is right. You're mistakenly thinking of the hypothetical second 5-year mission taking place before TMP. We do know now that that didn't exist, because TMP took place in 2273, and thus there's no room for a second 5YM before it. But that's an entirely separate issue from the existence of a 5YM after TMP, the one spanning 2273-78. That's what we're discussing here, and its existence is an established part of the modern novel continuity.
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