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Re: Favourite Bridge

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The Enterprise-A bridge (Star Trek V).
I'll second this one.

TFF often gets overlooked in many areas, and I think production design is one. There are some places where Shatner was forced, for budgetary reasons, to use some of the standing TNG sets, and those look horrible in the TFF context. But everywhere they were able to do original work, I think Herman Zimmerman and his team did a fantastic job.

In particular, I think the bridge from TFF is the best melding of the simple, functional layout from TOS and the warm, inviting look of TNG. It seems a logical intermediary step between the two as well. I go against the majority and dislike what Nick Meyer did with it in TUC. He made it too cold and military for my taste. I much prefer the TFF variant. Shame it only made one appearance.
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