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Re: UT:TFV Part III Infinities Unbound

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I hope this story doesn't go the way of "Tales of the Bluefin: Trajectory"
Gibraltar shared with the United Trek writers that he will be on hiatus for an indeterminate period. We all hope he is able to resume writing soon.

As to "Trajectory," I apologize for the lengthy delay. Due to work and health issues, I haven't done any writing in over a year. Both situations have improved and I may get back to writing before long.


Thanks for bringing us up to date. My comment was meant with the utmost respect, as I followed both this Story and Trajectory and was dissapointed when the new material stopped. I understand you guys do this out of love and have lives and issues that take precidence. That being said, glad to hear your health is improving and look foward to reading new stuff!
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