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Re: Follow up for 'The 37's'

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Surely the Federation News Service employs fact-checkers? (In fact, fact-checking should be trivially easy with the level of AI we see in the Federation.) "Jamestown" is in the title of the article!
I'm sure Pocket Books employs fact-checkers too, but they didn't catch the mistake in real life.

And fact-checking is trivially easy today with Google, but there are still ridiculous factual errors all over the news. Fact-checkers are as fallible as anyone else. There's no such thing as a text that doesn't contain errors, which is why you never treat any uncorroborated text as absolute truth. Especially when it's not even a text about the subject in question, but just one that makes a passing metaphorical reference to it.

Errors are a fact of life. It makes a fictional world more realistic if we allow the people in it to be fallible, rather than insisting that every last word they ever utter is absolute revealed truth.
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