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Star Trek: Deep Space 9, 2380

Following the end of the Dominion War much changed on the station and the sector, as the entire region recovered and rebuilt follow the War. Following Bajor’s entry into the Federation at the end of 2376 the changes continued, not all for the better as political tensions rose and elements all across the quadrant tried to destabilise the fragile peace.

Commanding Officer – Captain Kira Nerys – Bajoran, Female
She was widely commended for her work after assuming command of DS9. Once the Militia was enveloped by Starfleet she became a Captain and she continued the recovery work the station was involved in.

First Officer – Commander Austin Harris – Human, Male
A dedicated family man and officer, he has turned down a command of his own to remain aboard, seeing it as the best place for his family. After a rocky start, he and Kira are now a solid team.

Second Officer/Officer-in-Charge, U.S.S. Defiant – Lt. Commander Jill Myers – Human, Female
From Assistant to Chief Tactical Officer and now Second Officer of the station and OIC of the Defiant, she has gone from strength to strength dealing with everything thrown at her and pushing herself further.

Chief Security Officer – Lt. Commander Navar Reo – Bajoran, Male
An excellent investigator and interrogator, he was at first apprehensive about transferring to Starfleet but accepted his new commission—not that he lets it interfere with how he does his job.

Chief Medical Officer – Lt. Commander Julian Bashir – Human (genetically enhanced), Male
A brilliant doctor, he has had his hands full over the last few years dealing with countless refugees and providing aid to dozens of makeshift camps all across the sector. He has seen the true horrors of the War.

Chief Tactical Officer – Lieutenant Kaelle Yii – Kamorian, Female
Assuming her post after Myers’ promotion, she performs her duties in a calm and composed manner, carefully analysing and calculating everything she takes in, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.

Chief Counsellor – Lieutenant Ezri Dax – Trill (Joined), Female
With so many of the crew suffering the after effects of the War, not to mention the thousands of displaced refugees who drift through the region, her wisdom and guidance has been in great demand.

Chief Station Operations Officer – Lieutenant Nog – Ferengi, Male
The faith placed in him has paid off; the station and the Defiant run smoothly despite the lack of accessible parts and lack of manpower. He has also taken on the advice and guidance of Syrell in recent years.

Chief Flight Control Officer, U.S.S. Defiant – Lieutenant JG Syrell – Vulcan, Female
Her skills at the helm of the Defiant have made her a much sought after officer, but she has opted to remain with the station, in part for the work they are involved in but also due to finding an unlikely mate.

Chief Science Officer – Ensign Dayne Atani – Betazoid, Male
Fresh from the Academy but very bright—and he knows it—he is in Starfleet looking for adventure. He jumped at the chance to serve on DS9 after his predecessor went MIA, but he still has much to learn.
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