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Post TMP 5 Year Mission

I hope to start my TOS 2nd Five Year Mission marathon soon, but I have some continuity questions.

The VOTI timeline lists the novels in the following order:

Night Whispers
Ex Machina
Kobayashi Maru
Home is the Hunter
Enemy Unseen
Mere Anarchy: The Darkness Drops Again
Ice Trap
Shell Game
Death Count
The Wounded Sky
Rihannsu: My Enemy, My Ally
Doctor's Orders
Spock's World
The Better Man
Covenant of the Crown
Time trap
Rihannsu: The Romulans Way
Rihannsu: Sword Hunt
Rihannsu: Honor Blade
Rihannsu: The Empty Chair
Rules of Engagement
Deep Domain

If I were to use this as my reading order/ timeline, then I have a few questions.

1. Where would Forgotten History best fit?

2. Why are the L.A. Graf novels like Firestorm and Ice Trap placed so early. I read that they feature the "red jacket" uniforms so shouldn't they be after The Better Man where these uniforms are introduced. Or is there other timeframe details that force the earlier placement?

3. Other than the three novels listed above and Deep Domain. Do any other stories in the list feature the "red jacket" uniforms?

4. I recently flipped through Pandora's Principle and noticed Kirk was called Captain. Shouldn't he be an Admiral if this story happens after Deep Domain during his Academy Instructor days?

5. Am I correct in understanding that New Earth's time placement of being shortly after TMP is only mentioned in the notes and cover blurbs? I read somewhere that it features Kirk as an Instructor at the Academy and Spock as a Captain which would place it after Deep Domain. But contrary to this placement, Chekov hasn't begun his transfer yet and the "red jacket" uniforms are introduced as new for the second time. Are there any other timing issues?

I know not all novels are meant to coexist. I'm just hoping to read the novels in an order that will have the least inconsistencies. Any help will be appreciated.

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