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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

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Well, if there was a door big enough for the Enterprise-D, we can always pretend there was one big enough for the Excelsior, too.
Funny, when I visited the Paramount Studios back in 1988 Andrew Probert confronted me with the E-D / spacedock scaling issue and asked "Can you believe this [crap]?"

My reply was the same as yours and courteous as he is he politely replied "Maybe I can live with that". I took a look at his E-D schematic in front of Earth Spacedock and feel today that we definitely need a bigger Spacedock to make this work.

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Does anyone recall what Shane Johnson decided the height of the engineering decks in the refit Enterprise was? I believe he utilized a partial cutaway drawing by Mr. Probert (and perhaps indeed received the gospel from him directly.)
You might want to get in touch with Andrew Probert. Back then I also brought up Shane Johnson and this was Mr. Probert's reaction: "Oh, Shane "

Looks to me like the guys at ILM solely focused how to make the spacedoors match the size of the Enterprise for entry and exit - and forgot to make it big enough for the Excelsior, too (maybe there was a bigger one elsewhere for Excelsior but she merely blasted the small space door wider Enemy Mine style to pursue Enterprise? )

Is there a possibility ILM deliberately "fixed" their mistake in the size comparison chart?

And what does a scale comparison of Excelsior's bridge, saucer rim and saucer ventral array with those features on the Enterprise suggest?

Regarding Excelsior's engineering hull windows I'd rather find these unreliable to use these as a means to conclude the actual size from.
Apparently these could be the infamous "lower decks" (lower deck ).
And though I detest the bunk bed BS featured in ST VI, I wouldn't exclude the possibility these might be tall rooms / decks.

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