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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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Uhm, "Enterprise" IS in the prime timeline.
I'm not knocking it because it wasn't the best series but a ship and crew that was never mentioned, aliens that never existed, with a plot that was suppose to use that alternate reality nutrek idea. Enterprise's series finally's "Hey, we're still prime trek" sadness can be your prime trek.
If everything's new as you claim, wouldn't that make Enterprise your ideal Trek series?

That said, in ENT showed us a few species we'd previously head of in TOS but never seen, like the Axanar and Coridanites. The links are all there. It certainly fits as well and TOS and Voyager, which have completely incompatible ideas of how fast warp speed is (TOS, TAS, the classic movies and he new ones cross the galaxy at a whim, wheras it's a lifelong journey for Voyager), yet they still crossed over in "Flashback".
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