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Re: Better if they had allowed main cast to die?

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I disagree, I think it could sustain a years long TV show, if done correctly.
It can't, not without some external things to keep things interesting.

And if it couldn't sustain a show which could last upto seven years show they should never have gone with that premise to begin with.
Every single "Lost Ship" series of the last 40 years or so worth remembering always ended up moving beyond the "Lost Ship" plot after a season or so because "Lost Ship" is just a starter plot. You're supposed to use it to launch a different plot later.

They never really sold the premise that these people might never see home again.
This same plot already happened to Kirk and Picard before, and they made it back fine.

The loss of a shuttle should have had an impact in that they have to be more careful, building the Delta Flyer not once but twice.
If they couldn't figure out how to build anything or make any repairs, they'd look like utter morons. There were plenty of aliens civilizations around for trading and doing business.

Of course, this comes down to how they shot themselves in the foot with the "No Support" part of the premise.

It was basically TNG except in the Delta Quadrant. The show never really tried to find it's own voice.
I agree, mainly because they were more or less rushed into production and didn't do what Rick Berman wanted to do (wait until DS9 was finished). If they'd waited, they'd have better CGI tech for showing battle damage, they'd have more props leftover from DS9 to use for the Delta Quadrant and they'd have been able to hire new writers and work out a story for the show.
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