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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

They say that risk is apart of the game of life. That you must take risks to win the game.

You lost.
The game is over.
Now what?

You are no longer safe in the Federation.
You ARE the bad guy...

You're now wanted by Starfleet; the Klingons, and the Romulans, what will you become?

When you've lost everything you've ever cared about; have watch entire worlds burn and the people you know die before your eyes...

Will you face your fears head on, turn tail in fear?

When you've lost your honor, your faith, your glory and fate leaves everything else in tatters...

Where, then will you go? What will you become?

To all the wretches and sorry civilians: You once again have a home...

Become apart of our crew, and fill the roll of:
Chief Engineer
Ship's Doctor
Brothel Madame
Chief Security

...And more

To all of the wretches and sorry civilians...

...Welcome to the SS Mary Rose.
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