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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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Thing is, it's still just a variation on the same theme that we've seen seven-hundred plus hours of. That's kind of the problem.
What was in "Into Darkness" that we haven't seen?
What are they going to do go Warp 9.99999975 instead of Warp 9.975?
With technologies like transwarp and slipstream drives that were exstablished already, they can break the warp 10 barrier.
Star Trek is running into a problem that it has already used the same ideas over and over and over again.
The story in 2009's Star Trek could have been used in the prime timeline, future ship or not. All that was needed was new writers.
With Enterprise it was a glaring issue where they simply renamed technology that served the exact same purpose in latter series. Hull plating instead of shields, photonic torpedoes insteab of photon torpedoes, phase pistols/cannons instead of phasers. Voyager ran into the problem by first giving us the Kazon, which looked like Jamaican Klingons, then went to the Trek well over and over and over again.
Transwarp would be as confusing to a new viewer as NuTrek's regular warp is. Your point?
The strength of any new Trek is going to be based on its characters not the background information that people already know so well.
The same can be said about a new prime trek show.
And the strongest characters Trek has are Kirk and Spock.
Your opinion.
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Uhm, "Enterprise" IS in the prime timeline.
I'm not knocking it because it wasn't the best series but a ship and crew that was never mentioned, aliens that never existed, with a plot that was suppose to use that alternate reality nutrek idea. Enterprise's series finally's "Hey, we're still prime trek" sadness can be your prime trek.

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