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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

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It is an extreme to suggest that one person restoring a photo he doesn't own; which is part of the public domain - gives him ownership rights and removes that photo from the public domain. Why are you giving all the credit to Startrekhistory for their restoration activities and none to the publisher for their restoration work? B&W photos need alot of manipulation to prepare for print -- it's a different environment than color.
You're still dancing around the main issue. Which is the fact that whoever published this book showed no common courtesy towards people who restored the photos. They could've gotten original photos and done the entire restoration themselves, but didn't.
In the Amazon review, Gurian says he posted a photo somewhere showing some identical clips or photos to those on startrekhistory. And you're still dancing around the issue, dude, that restoring a photo gives NO rights to the photo. You're acting like it gives total ownership to the photo. I believe these are all public domain = free to everyone to republish.
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