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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

So restoring these old scratched and faded clips and making them available for free to people is one thing, but converting some similar images (or perhaps even these very same restored images) to black and white suddenly makes them monitizeable?

Whatever the intent or justification was in including these images in the book, it seems to have become more trouble than it was worth.

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But it does seem to me that you are taking things to a horrible extreme.
It's a horrible extreme to want to be asked before you appropriate my work for a project you're doing? We seem to have different definitions of the word 'extreme'.

Why didn't they simply find their own photos and do their own restoration work?
It is an extreme to suggest that one person restoring a photo he doesn't own; which is part of the public domain - gives him ownership rights and removes that photo from the public domain. Why are you giving all the credit to Startrekhistory for their restoration activities and none to the publisher for their restoration work? B&W photos need alot of manipulation to prepare for print -- it's a different environment than color.
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