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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

Well, if there was a door big enough for the Enterprise-D, we can always pretend there was one big enough for the Excelsior, too. Surely Starfleet had other large ships.

Deck 15 was a problem the first time around. The way things worked out, Deck 13 was the topmost deck of the engineering hull (the long, flat one forming the hull's "back"), putting Deck 15 in the neighborhood that it should have been on the B... close enough but not exactly right. The Ingram Plans suspicion would actually solve the reason why it was Deck 15 pretty nicely... especially when there was a completely contradictory cutaway at the back of the set.

I make my engineering decks to number 17 in the revised scheme, with 18 decks in the neck and saucer. Now, I'm assuming the sauce decks to be the standard 3.77 meters... the ones in the engineering hull might be a full 4 meters.

Does anyone recall what Shane Johnson decided the height of the engineering decks in the refit Enterprise was? Before anyone starts lecturing me about going by his work, I would assert that in this he's probably right; I believe he utilized a partial cutaway drawing by Mr. Probert (and perhaps indeed received the gospel from him directly.) I will try to dig up the image I speak of. Additionally, for the Excelsior, it just seems to work out better this way. So no standard deck heights until the Ambassador generation, 'kay?
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