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Re: Constellation Class: Excelsior "back-up" plan?

Like I said, the Constellation class were never were and never have been a back-up plan for the Excelsior class.
Yes, you said that. It's just that you have given us no reason to believe you.

They didn't thought of the Constellation class starship, until after they had film the TNG episode The Battle.
That's an "out-universe" argument. We're talking about "in-universe" here - whether Starfleet built that ship as a backup.

The USS Excelsior should never been sent to the starbase until after all it systems had been check out and all of it were in good working order.
And she wasn't - we never saw her at any starbase, ever!

What we did see her doing was waiting at Earth for some trial runs that apparently would help in eventually fielding the ship operationally.

Which would mean that the USS. Constellation had already past it trail run test and was already on active service.
And you still haven't given any reason why this would be against the "backup design" idea.

Timo Saloniemi
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