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Re: Recruitment threadsfor playing Trek games on-l

After the Dominion war, much of the Federation, Klingon Empire and Romulan Star Empire had been overwhelmed by the obliteration caused by fighting. Many systems had endured grueling battles, and destruction from orbital bombardments and ground-based fighting. Most of each government’s fleets had been devastated as well, leaving each with a much smaller force with which to protect themselves from aggressors.

It was then that the rebuilding project began. Many new starships were constructed in haste to build up the over-taxed fleet. Shipyards were producing mass quantities of shuttles, fighters and starships by the month; the idea that the quicker the drones built the new starships, or repaired damaged ones, the quicker StarFleet could restart its primary mission: Exploration of new star systems and territories.

Within six months, there were over a thousand new starships added to StarFleet’s array of vessels. StarFleet Command began to worry that management of so many new starships would become unbearable for any one command to handle. At its current pace, the fleet would become completely unmanageable within another six months.

Thus, the idea was born to create multiple command fleets. The purpose of these Command Fleets would be to manage and oversee other fleet operations within StarFleet. Command Fleet was born. The problem of fleets that were too large, or made-up of alien races would be solved by placing them under these command fleets. Each Command Fleet would then report to Fleet Command, the overall authority over the management and supervision of starship operations for StarFleet.

The only problem that arose initially with the brilliance of this new fleet structure was who to place in command. It would take someone of considerable bearing, character and charisma to run such an organization containing a diverse array of ships and personnel. It became easily recognized that if the wrong people were put in-charge, the end result would be more disastrous for StarFleet Command than it would have been before.

It took nearly two months before they came up with a list of capable and competent leaders to run this new command. They began with Captain Jim Salas, a much respected and honored hero of the Dominion war. He was a man without a ship, because during his crew's last battle, the ship was so badly hit, that SFC decided it was not only cheaper, but smarter to just build a new ship as apposed to re-building his last one. He would be an Admiral in this fleet.

The next piece was Lt. Tyler Baccus. Although he was only a lieutenant, he had been through many wars, and the only reason he'd not been promoted was because none of his Commanders stayed alive long enough to promote him. He would he placed as an Admiral, and head of the Fleet's security division.

The next few pieces weren't so easy: Lt. Commander Malc was serving on the USS New York, and he was about to be promoted to Captain. Getting Malc was important, as he was a strategy-man, a person who could move the proverbial chess-pieces with the best of them. Eventually, StarFleet Command managed to persuade him to come aboard and he was promoted to Fleet Captain.

Commanders Anarra Danrea and Zandile Rey were added to the staff due to their vast knowledge in their respective fields of expertise.

These officers served with distinction during the first year of the establishment of Fleet Command, providing StarFleet with the structured organization that was required to manage a fleet that had expanded so quickly. Each saw great success, gaining rank as they progressed through the baby-steps comprising Fleet Command’s first, vital few months.

Captain Jim Salas was promoted to Fleet Admiral, a wartime rank, but used to maintain positive control over such a vast force. Lt. Commander Malc was elevated to the rank of Admiral, maintaining his position as second-in-command. Lt. Tyler Baccus also saw promotion to admiralty, but disappeared during a mission. His body has never been recovered and he is presumed dead. Commanders Anarra Danrea and Zandile Rey were likewise promoted through the ranks to Commodore and Vice Admiral, respectively.

In June 2386, a new addition to Fleet Command arrived, bringing with him an extensive background of command and control familiarity, and the knowledge to run a successful Research & Development program. Rear Admiral Gilad Pelleaon took over the R&D program already in place, correcting many oversights and disposing of fraudulent projects.

Today, Fleet Command is as strong as ever, with each of its flagships undergoing their own specific missions. For now, peace endures throughout most of the galaxy, but as usual, there is always trouble to be found. Threats and dangers still loom on the horizon for the recovering Federation to face. Fleet Command standing by…

We currently have openings in every department. Although most of our ships(sims) are completely full, We are always looking for fans of Trek to join us.

Want to command your owns vessel?

We currently have 37 Captains, and 6 Admirals who command, but we are looking for new talent.

If you love Star Trek, then you're gonna love us!

Our forums are filled with logs from every officer. We also have a huge library of resources, and offer a serial...for those of you who like to write. This is the link to the forums This is the link to the main site.

But make sure to look at the forums, all the action takes place in there.

We also offer board sims, for those of you who cannot attend live-sims.


Admiral Heath Malc
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Head of Fleet Operations.
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