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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

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Oops, you're right, I looked at the wrong episode, my bad. So I just watched that scene of The Man Trap that the book says Bruce Hyde is at the helm, but they never show the helm, only the navigator - which is probably why the book makes it sound like a revelation, as we couldn't see him anyway.
The two times the book mentions this:

The second scene -- Kirk's first visit to the bridge in this episode -- features Bruce Hyde (as Lt. Kevin Riley) at the helm, a character introduced in the next episode. (p.173)

We were given a glimpse of Lt. Kevin Riley in "The Man Trap," sitting at the helm, but with no dialogue (that shot was actually taken during the filming of this episode as a "pick-up"). (p.184)
I think the book is simply wrong about this. As you indicate, the scene in question never shows us the helm station, only the navigator. I think the author simply mistook Budd Albright for Bruce Hyde.

It can't be that Hyde was sitting out of frame, unless the author is using words like "glimpse" and "shot" rather lazily.

The most interesting thing in this book is the release of the Nielsen ratings, but I've noticed (up to page 222) that even those are inconsistent. For "Balance of Terror," for example, the author claims that Star Trek won its timeslot against CBS' Thursday Night Movie, but the numbers indicate CBS actually had the bigger share. The author has also (thus far) left out some important details such as the NBC's "sneak preview" airing strategy with "The Man Trap." He's also pointed to the success of the series in summer reruns several times as indicative of the program's rating success, although the Solow/Justman book indicated that the series did well during the summer, because it attracted viewers who had missed it during the regular season.

There's a lot of great information in the book, especially if you haven't seen the UCLA files, but thus far I'm not impressed by the way it is presented and/or organized.
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