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Re: Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Episode #1 The Golgotha

Chapter #5 Birth Of A New Musical Sensation

As Ivana stepped off the turbo lift, she espied a teenage girl holding a trailing giggling tot by the hand, walking past her, as she complained to the little one,"That is the last time I take you anywhere, you little pipsqueak!" she complained some more,"I wish I was an only child!"

"But your life would be sooo boring,"the little one teased.

"No, it wouldn't," the teenage girl said as they went further down the corridor.

"Yeah, it would..." the tot's voice was now trailing off,"you say it all the time."

Ivana could not hear the continuation of that humorous conversation due to the other noises in the corridor, and so she smiled finally, shaking her head at the two in amusement before turning in the other direction to head towards the memorial ship. "How I wished I had an annoying little baby brother," she had thought to herself, "but I guess I still have eight annoying Ferengiis on the crew," she sighed as she continued in her thoughts,"they certainly do more than enough to make up for it along with the Captain for all of their practical jokes."

Two Bolians males and a Bajoran female from her crew were walking towards her when she saw that they had spotted her. The Bajoran redirected her footpath to intercept her in the corridor and then the two Bolians followed her, "Hi Ivana," the Bajoran greeted her,"any word yet on our new ship or is Starfleet still giving us a runaround?"

The Bolians were about to make further inquiries into the matter as well, but Ivana stopped them by answering,"You all shall be pleased to know that I have just found out we are indeed, getting a ship," and then she added, "but it is being processed right now and so it may still be a little while before we actually get it."

"I don't know how much longer we can wait," Tinnae, one of the two Bolians, stated in disapproval,"practically all of the human crew had left for other freighter services..."

"Has Doctor McCoy left yet?" Ivana inquired.

"No", Maku, the other Bolian stated, "he and that field medic are still on the fence."

"But it is not looking good," Tinnae added, "the young doctor has been complaining about mothers fixing him up with their daughters for dates now."

"He has had twenty three pre arranged dates so far since being here on this station for the past several months," Maku proclaimed.

"I think it is refreshing to see that men can be sexually harrassed for awhile and not just the women on our crew," Lena, the Bajoran female, sarcastically announced, "I'm glad that those drooling Ferengiis have left."

"Well," Ivana put in," the bad ones have left. Kek and nine other Ferengiis are still on as far as I know."

"So we lost eighteen Ferengiis from the loading crew?" Tinnae inquired for a confirmation.

"Yes," Ivana cited,"Yoko and Finnel have finally left this morning, making it eighteen."

"I hope Rimko is not expecting Maku and I to pick up the slack in the loading crew," Tinnae said in apprehension, "I do not know if I want to stick around for that."

Ivana stepped closer to the Bolians and placed a hand on each of them on their chest area over their worried hearts and said,"Your jobs as cooks are secured. I doubt the Captain will want to lose you guys," Ivana added to assure them,"I love your cooking, and since I have the Captain's ears, your jobs are safe with me." She sensed she had alleviated the rising tension within them as a smile found their way to their lips,"I do hope you guys will stick around. I so love your soups and desserts. I would sorely miss it."

Ivana walked on past them, hoping she is not too late to catch the Counselor before she boarded the memorial ship. The visiting hours on the ship for viewing would be over, and Starfleet security would prevent non-Starfleet personnel from boarding after hours, unless accompanied by a Starfleet personnel. Lena trotted up right beside her, and then asked, "Where are you going?"

"To talk with the station's counselor," Ivana said.

"Wouldn't her office be on the same deck with other Starfleet offices?" Lena asked in doubt, inferring that it would be up several levels than from where they are now.

"A little bird told me she would be heading towards the memorial ship, Promotheus," Ivana said amusingly.

"Oh..." Lena replied, but before she could inquire further if her visit with the counselor was a private matter or not, she heard singing coming from the other far end of the corridor and getting closer. The acoustics in the corridor was heightening the beautiful voice of the singer as it seems to rapt the attention of all those in hearing distance to pay homage to it by submitting to silence to give the melodious sounds dominance in the corridor.

Ivana and Lena could not see at first whom it was that was singing, but it became clear as the people ahead of them stepped to the side to allow the passage of this approaching performance.

It was Christabelle singing a happy song to cheer a walking stone face Lee Ann as she was heading towards her designated quarters. Christabelle danced around Lee Ann with such grace that she did not interrupt Lee Ann's gait at all. There was a crowd following them. Soon, Lee Ann stopped in front of the accomodation which happened to be across from the docking entry for the memorail ship. Lee Ann stood there at her door and permitted Christabelle to continue as she was finishing the song in singing to her. When she was finished in trying to cheer Lee Ann up some more with her song, Lee Ann turned to enter her quarters and allowed the door to slid shut behind her without saying a word to Christabelle.

Christabelle was smiling brightly until she turned to face the crowd with their growing disapproval looks. Ivana could sense that Christabelle was sensing the crowd's disapproval of her for they saw her playful antics in her signing to Lee Ann as mocking the Vulcan on her way to her quarters about enjoying life with contentment and happiness. Christabelle was taken aback by this contempt she was feeling towards her as she sheepishly explained, "She liked it..." she paused as she sensed that her statement was seen as a lie from the crowd,"I can tell..." She clasped her hands together and held them below her waist. She looked away to the floor and lifted her right foot just a little to rest it on the tip of her shoe and kind of swayed it back and forth a little, sliding the tip across the floor in a shy and embarrassed childlike gesture. Her smile faded as the displeasure from the crowd was convicting her for her "mistreatment" towards Lee Ann.

Ivana made a move to go to her to comfort her, but Lee Ann came out of her quarters with a violin. Then she began to play the notes to accompany the song that Christabelle was singing earlier, and when it dawned on Christabelle what she was doing, she bounced her whole body to get in tune with the musical notes, and then she began once again to sing that song, shocking the audience with awe and hearty approval as they no longer saw a Vulcan being picked on by the young lady, but a new musical sensation was being born. When the song was done, an explosion of applause went up, and then Lee Ann grabbed Christabelle by the arm and pulled her into her quarters when they were calling for an encore.

"They were pretty good!!" Lena shouted,"WOW! I did NOT see THAT coming AT ALL!!"

"Me neither," Ivana chuckled, "I was surprised... boy, was I ever!"

The crowd dissipated as high spirited people went on their merry way. Ivana did not see any blonde Vulcan coming down the corridor yet, and so she approached to ask the two Security Officers sitting at the entry desk inside the entry doors if the Counselor had gone onboard. Ivana could sense that they too were in high spirits as they must have heard the duo's performance from the corridor. They were looking at each other in disbelief and amazement. Although they sounded to her like the way two people were communicating between two cans on a string, the men were talking about how unusual that was with the Vulcan playing with the "Counselor" like that. Ivana looked back, doubting her memory, but came to the conclusion that the men were mistaken since the young lady had no Vulcan ears.

She pushed the comm button near the locked door so that they could hear her clearly, and said "Excuse me?" When they saw her through the panelled glass of the entry doors, their jaws dropped open at her beauty. One of them jumped out of his seat and opened the entry door to talk to her instead of responding by the comm, but he was speechless when he stood before her. "Hi," Ivana began, slightly amused by the attention,"has the station's Counselor come through here yet?"

"Oh!" the silent one spoke finally,"She went in there!" and as he exclaimed with gladness in being able to serve her by pointing to the door of Lee Ann's quarters, the Counselor walked up to the entry doors and stopped short upon entering when she saw the befuddled look of the security personnel. Then the other security personnel joined him and gave her the same befuddled look. Even Ivana and Lena had to do a double take, because she did look like that girl after all.

"I take it, my non-Vulcan twin has just been here recently?" the Counselor inquired dryly as she raised an eyebrow towards all of them.

"So we are not experiencing a temporal anomaly?" one of the guards said.

"Hardly," the Counselor said amusingly,"but it is illogical how you all have mistaken me for her. I, myself, as run into that mischievous childlike lady, and we are nothing alike."

"Did you hear that singing in the corridor?" Lena asked incredulously.

Cassandra looked at Lena and replied,"Yes. It was quite lovely."

"THAT was HER!!" Lena proclaimed.

Wishing to move on with her task at hand, Cassandra turned to the security officers and stated,"I require access to the ship. Please permit me to pass."

The security officers had started to step aside when Ivana asked,"May we accompany you to see the ship?"

"I'm sorry, but I have a private matter I need to attend to. You cannot accompany me at this time in seeing the ship. You will have to see the ship during normal visiting hours," Cassandra stated and then walked past the security personnel.

Ivana was going to inform her that they were a part of Rimko's crew, but thought the better of it since it would rouse suspicion about how she knew it was this ship they were going to get. "Okay," Ivana replied, "sorry to bother you," but when she turned to leave, she bumped into a male Vulcan trying to walk around her in the entry way to the ship.

An explosion of emotional pain coming from the male Vulcan sent her arms flailing in beating the Vulcan away from her. She braced herself on the far wall of the entry way out of shock as the Vulcan was knocked down on all fours from her attack. After realizing what she had done, she knelt down to the Vulcan whom was looking up at her and she apologized, "I'm sorry..." she replied with concern, "are you all right? I.. I don't know what came over me...."

The Counselor had turned back to see the incident and was puzzled by this scene.

The Vulcan looked away from Ivana to the floor, meditated for a minute and then got up and faced her, "It is I, whom am sorry. I should have alerted you that I was trying to get around you. I meant no offense," he looked at the two security officers that knew him as he replied, "I will not be pressing any formal charges of assault since it was my physical contact with her that had brought this assault on," he turned to Ivana and inquired,"do you wish to file charges of my offensive contact with you?" Ivana looked at him, shook her head to the negative, sensing that the Vulcan did not wish to convey the deep emotional pain that he was carrying within his being. "very well, then," the Vulcan replied,"and thank you. If however you change your mind, since my Vulcan name is unpronounceable to you humans, I am known here on this station as Enow. You can log a formal complaint at the Security Office on board this station. Have a good day." He walked on as if there was a meeting he could not be late for and slipped past the Counselor whom was eyeing him closely.

Ivana did receive a name from him when she was in that split second contact with Enow, but "Godfrey" hardly seem like an unpronounceable name for a Vulcan.

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