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Re: TNG Cold Equations Book 2, Silent Wpns Nic-Picks -- SPOILERS

I can't really understand the hate towards Tryss. I've liked her since Christopher introduced us to her in GTtS, and i've enjoyed her character development (what little there has actually been) since then. Is it because she's the 'anti-spock' by exploring her humanity first as opposed to her Vulcan side? Maybe she's just a little annoying because she may remind someone of their little sister sometimes? She's young and has lots of growing to do.

People have mentioned Harry Kim. He could be a little hard to appreciate when he first showed up on Voyager, but by the end, he was one of the most interesting and most fleshed out of all the main characters. Tryss has only been around for 11 books (including 3 Destiny books), and she's been one of the main focus characters for only tiny bits. We need to give her more time to grow. Just look how far Ro and Harry have come
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