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Re: Constellation Class: Excelsior "back-up" plan?

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The Constellation class were never a back-up plan for the Excelsior. The USS Constellation itself went on a one year trail run even before the Excelsior had left the shipyard.

But in real life. The four nacelle prototype Excelsior, did lead to the idea of the Constellation.

As for the other replies, I'm sure there was plenty of internal Starfleet politicking to get the Constellation class approved and to protect it once the Excelsior with conventional engines turned out to be viable. I can also see the argument for the Miranda's popularity and the Constellation coming from their shuttle bay volume.
Like I said, the Constellation class were never were and never have been a back-up plan for the Excelsior class. They didn't thought of the Constellation class starship, until after they had film the TNG episode The Battle. They were planing for the USS. Stargazer to be a Constitution.
Cause we really don't know what the Constellation was really doing? They can easily, if they decided to? Add the Constellation into the background.
In the Star Trek world. The USS Excelsior should never been sent to the starbase until after all it systems had been check out and all of it were in good working order.
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