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Re: Better if they had allowed main cast to die?

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And VOY had it's epic Odyssey journey home story to give all it's characters enough to do equally.
The Odyssey worked because it was about ONE GUY, and frankly The Odyssey worked as a poem not as a 7 year long TV series. It's not sustainable enough to work as a TV series.
I disagree, I think it could sustain a years long TV show, if done correctly. And if it couldn't sustain a show which could last upto seven years show they should never have gone with that premise to begin with.

They never really sold the premise that these people might never see home again. They should have been paring up having children, the crew quarters should have had a more personal feel to them (which in Paris case they did to a certainextend). The ship should have looked a litte more worn as it wouldn't have access to starfleet spec replacement parts. The loss of a shuttle should have had an impact in that they have to be more careful, building the Delta Flyer not once but twice. Should have caused problems for other parts of the ship. Maybe they had to scavage parts from 2 shuttles to get the Delta Flyer operational.

It was basically TNG except in the Delta Quadrant. The show never really tried to find it's own voice. It played it safe and tried to capture TOS succes for a third time (TNG being the second). Now of course some of that might be down to network/studio interferring.

Was VOY all bad? No of course not it had it's moments. Some great episode, character moments. Robert Picardo as the EMH was on of the best things about the show.
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