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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

True enough. Then again, some of the higher-end estimates for size would allow for two sets of deck numbers, with the set starting at the top of the dorsal reaching Deck 15 right where Kirk sucked vacuum.

The idea of the great ship twisting and turning in order to exit the dock is the one the "Starfleet designers must have had ideas of their own" argument tries to avoid. As for using another door, the ship was parked between "piers" that delineate one-quarter of the interior, one associated with the door the Enterprise used. Again, wriggling around the pier to a different door is a possibility, but of the "against Starfleet intent" category...

Personally, I'd facilitate a larger Excelsior by pretending that the Enterprise was smaller when going through the door.

Timo Saloniemi
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