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Star Trek: The Next Generation, 2380

Just months following the Shinzon incident, the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise-E has gone through quite a few changes following the reassignment of William Riker and Deanna Troi, the death of Data, and Worf resuming his post on Qo’noS.

Commanding Officer – Captain Jean-Luc Picard – Human, Male
His encounter with Shinzon has had a profound impact on Picard, forcing him to re-examine his life and the choices he has made, realise the paths not taken and think about where he should go next.

First Officer – Commander Geordi La Forge – Human, Male
After so long in Engineering, he was surprised to be offered the open position of XO. Still mourning the loss of Data, he sees it as a fitting tribute to his friend to take the post he was due to assume.

Chief Medical Officer – Commander Beverly Crusher – Human, Female
She was due to assume a prominent post at Starfleet Medical, but has postponed it following the mission to Romulus, so as to help Picard and the rest of the crew through the troubling aftermath.

Chief Operations Officer – Lt. Commander Sariel Rager – Human, Female
A former Conn Officer on the Enterprise-D, she never served her successor until now. A solid and dependable officer, which is the reason she also serves as Second Officer. She finds it a little odd now being a senior officer.

Chief Engineering Officer – Lt. Commander Ashaina – Deltan, Female
Assistant Chief under La Forge since the end of the Dominion War, following his promotion he recommended her to take charge in Engineering. She has a very intuitive connection with the ship and her systems.

Chief Flight Control Officer – Lieutenant Rovek – Vulcan, Male
As with most Vulcans he is stoic and logical, never giving much away. He is not just an excellent pilot but a solid all-rounder as well. Severely injured in the Dominion War, he still bares several scars.

Chief Science Officer – Lieutenant Kal Zyth – Orion, Male
With a sharp mind and equally sharp tongue, his habit of speaking his mind has taken its toll on his career, however when it comes to his scientific knowledge there are few that can fault his work.

Chief Security/Tactical Officer – Lieutenant Surimathra “Suri” sh’Tahnn – Andorian, Shen
Tough and feisty, she takes her duties seriously and has a passion for her work. She was rushed through the Academy during the War, but served with distinction and received several commendations for her bravery.

Chief Counsellor/Diplomatic Officer – Lieutenant Timod Perim – Trill, Male
The younger brother of Kell Perim, he wanted to follow in her footsteps and serve on the Enterprise-E. An open and considerate man, he has almost endless patience and compassion for others.
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