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Re: Kirk's Character Arc: Spoiled in Second Movie

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I don't want Spock to marry Kirk, BLECH. I just want them to have hot hot sex. Also, throw in some angst for those that are into that kind of thing.
Spock has to marry/bond someone doesn't he?
I'm only joking about it being Kirk, well mostly

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serenitytrek1 wrote: View Post

Bravo to Gene,

It is cool that people dance around with the topic but it was never Gene's intention for people to interpret kirk and spock as lovers. If Kirk and Spock are loves so is James Bond and M. However Gene was not the type of person that discourage people to have opinions different from his.

I heard this rumour that Gene actually wanted Spock and chapel to get married at the end of TOS. I don't know if this is true, however I wont be surprised when you consider that the character who played Nurse Chapel was married to Gene and she always seemed to have this enduring love for Spock.
Frankly I'd rather Spock marry Kirk than Chapel.

Chapel was just an embarressment ro womanhood. I've got nothing against her crushing on Spock but to fall all over him in such an obvious way yuck!
I wouldn't have minded him marrying the Chapel in "What Are Little Girl's Made Of?" but to have her practically swooning every time she saw him... I probably would never watch Star Trek agin if Spock married Chapel.
If there were a nuChapel and she wasn't as embarressing as the old Chapel then maybe.

Anyway Spock didn't even like Chapel except maybe that one scene in "Amok Time" (When Spock was pretty desperate) where it is said Chapel missed her opportunity for a roll in the hay with Spock.

Some slash people also say Gene's footnote in TMP proves that Kirk could be bisexual by saying 'best' and 'love in ... many ... forms' and the 7 year Vulcan thing (which obviously isn't true). By addressing it, Gene has curiously validated it.

NO...I don't think Kirk is bi sexual and what's with the hate aginst Chapel now?

chapel was not so bad, It was obvious that spock would have given her chance if he embraced his emotions.
How can anyone like Spock/Chapel?

Spock would never choose her.

OK if Spock's not going to marry me then I'll go the female Romulan Commander or Leila. Chapel would be very low on my list of possible candidates - just above that Droxine woman and T'Pring
I'm talking old school TOS of course
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