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Re: Follow up for 'The 37's'

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Actually it probably should have been the same group from the beginning. For some reason I find it easier to believe that one group would raid Earth for slaves twice rather than two groups doing it once.
Except that they were from opposite ends of the galaxy. Although I guess that's just as much a problem if they both came to Earth. Then again, Earth seems to attract a lot of cosmic attention.

(Anybody want to work the lost colony at Jamestown into the mix?)
Please, no. There's no mystery there. The early English settlers were chosen more for political reasons than for their survival skills, and knew practically nothing about farming, so a lot of the early colonies suffered from famine and only survived with abundant help from the indigenous peoples. Some settlements, like Roanoke (which must be what you're thinking of, since Jamestown wasn't "lost"), didn't survive at all, and the colonists had to abandon their settlements and get adopted into the indigenous communities, where they interbred with the natives, producing descendants who identified themselves as indigenous American rather than English.

And Markonian, what do you mean about contact with the Skagarans in the 23dr century? Did I miss something?
Memory Beta says there's a Star Trek Online mission set in 2265 wherein Scotty mentions Skagaran whiskey. That may be what he's thinking of.
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