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Re: Help with an idea

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Just write for fun at the first. ....

Getting approval from the fans that has a variety of tastes is an exercise in futility, because realism is what you make of it..... So have fun.

Seriously, you will not please everyone, and writing for others' ideas and tastes and preferences is going to result in a story by committee.

Consider stories that don't seem to make any sense, but work.
  • A mysterious entity can make people travel in time; oops, a compromised character erases another one
  • An enemy that can change your mind and body without your consent begins to wreak havoc
  • Everyone on board starts disappearing; only one person is aware of this

Those stories are City on the Edge of Forever, pretty much any Borg story and Remember Me.

They don't sound like so much on paper, eh?

Write for yourself, for your own interests, your own pleasure and your own education. Work to improve your craft as you go. People will love your work, or not. You may need to find an audience (and they may not be here, BTW).

But don't wait, and don't seek out confirmation of whether your idea is a good one. Assume it is; it is going to be the execution of that idea that decides whether the story is decent.

Read, to find out how others are doing this.

And write, to get better.

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