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Re: Help with an idea


Just write for fun at the first. Entertain yourself as you emerse yourself in the Star Trek Universe. As you go along in "fleshing out" your idea in the story, editting will occur and revamping what you had written to make the story go smoother and more realistic as well as more entertaining to you, will be the motivation for you in writing the story.

That is what I am doing in the story I am writing.

Getting approval from the fans that has a variety of tastes is an exercise in futility, because realism is what you make of it.

Frakes & Sirtis wanted to do a series where they don't have any children but a pet dog, if I heard them right on that youtube shot of them, but I bet alot of fans would rather they have children to take care of, and not just a dog. Well, I do anyway. It would be the first series where they would show a Captain's family on the Starship and how life would be like onboard. As performers in the acting business, they are being like any other couple. They think they can put off children at a later time where they just wanted to travel the world on their yearly vacations for awhile before having children, but "accidents" can happen. A touch of realism in Star Trek can go a long way in how married couple fans can relate to that.

In any event, nobody will know if they will like the idea of the story or not until they have emersed themselves into it by reading it. So have fun in writing that story. You can make it more realistic as you flesh out the story which is what I have done with mine as I have re-editted the chapters of my story before continuing on to the next chapter and with God's help too. So have fun.
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