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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

The Swarm

God Damn Picardo is good, Voyager really won't let you forget that. Not only does he do a fantastic job of playing the EMH losing his mind but a second Diagnostic program that is a bit like the original Doctor taken to Nth degree. Brilliant.

Which I'm not so sure of for this week's aliens. If this is an introduction to a ongoing bad guy it's good, but I get the feeling this is a one time appearance, in which case they're massively undersold. The most handwavey I can get with it, is that Voyager's not going to stick around and figure out the problem when they're trying to get home. Which at least stands with Janeway's 'screw the regs, we're going through' It was rather nice for her to make that decision rather than not adding over a year to the journey.

It's also the start of the Torres/Paris pairing, maybe. Maybe it's a hind sight thing, or maybe it is actually them preparing us for what's coming. What was certainly a hindsight thing was back in Faces, I think there was a little of the chemistry there, or at least one of them being interested/caring for the other.

Oh, and I really liked the aliens shooting Paris during the whole "I'm Lt Tom Paris of the Federation Starship Voyager." Nice to get someone who can't be bothered listening to it.

False Profits
Hey, TNG tie in! and I remember this episode from the original airing. Been awhile since I had one of them.

And WOW Janeway actually sends Chakotay to lead an Away Mission, she obviously must have thought it was a boring one, despite the mystery of the replicator. Bizarrely, he has his sacred tattoo removed without so much of a mention, not just once either, but twice. Seems a little at odds with what we know of him.

Another good Janeway moment when Tuvok questions getting involved with the Ferengi. She seems to have started accepting that following Starfleet Regs this far from Federation space might not be in the best interest of the crew.

Fun little episode and the first missed shortcut home. I remember these way more frequent then they were. Been a while since we had a shuttle wreck as well.
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