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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

"FOOL ME ONCE"... continues

Its the next day and Assist Warden Natalie Fig? is yelling at Caputo for the newest scandal. After the suicide "2 weeks ago" and the maple syrup "incident" before that (we never did hear what that was about), she predicts CO/Inmate sex in the closet will "kill" the warden.

She also is CLEAR that she doesn't want to see the word "rape" on the report as she predicts this was consensual and probably a scam to get released from the prison with a taxpayer stipend. Fig doesn't even acknowledge Caputo when he reminds her there's no such thing as "consent" in prison/CO sex, as she tells him to suspend Mendez while she works things out with the warden.

The fun thing about this scene was watching Caputo try not to get excited when Fig sat near him, on his desk, (Remember his speech to Fischer... "You're a woman...I'm a man...") and then watching him throw his sharpened pencil at the closed door when she left.

The OTHER fun thing was watching her answer a phone call from a reporter as she makes her way to the parking lot. He'd caught the NPR segment with Larry Bloom and had questions about all the closed programs (The Track, The GED program, switching drugs to generics) given the fact that in the last 5 years... the Feds had actually INCREASED Litchfield's budget by 2.3 MILLION dollars.

Fig looks like she's going to collapse against the side of her Mercedes Benz after she hurriedly ends the call.

The prison let Mendez back in to collect the stuff from his locker. We watch him walk out with the box, looking quite morose. As he's walking by the NEPTUNE'S PRODUCE van, he sees Red monitoring its unloading.

She looks at him.

He looks at her as he walks by.

She winks.

And you can read his mind! "F*CK!"

Fig & Mendez aren't the only ones unhappy with this situation.

Bennett is quite solicitous with Daya when he catches up with her, until he discovers she lured Mendez into having sex to "protect" Bennett's job/freedom when her pregnancy was discovered.

Bennett: (disgusted) Who ARE you?

Uh, the person who told you she'd take care of it, when you whined a couple days ago about losing your job and going to jail?

Talk about disgusted, Bennett wasn't very happy when he met with Mendez in the bar that night. Pornstache has "2" agendas. He wants "Benny" to get a message to the love of his life (?) and he want's to give a "win" to his main man by giving him info on drugs coming into the prison. It seems Mendez has discovered RED is importing / distributing the drugs. Mendez was going to be the hero and bust the operation open... but since he's suspended, he's letting Bennett do the honors.

I wonder what Bennett thinks after Caputo KISSES him for bringing the bag of drugs into his office. "Geez, I've been kissed by more guys here in the last 2 weeks than I was during my 12 months in Afghanistan."

Bennett is sent to find Red.

Guess what, she's NOT in the kitchen.

She's in Healy's office, leaning against his desk like she owns it, as she counsels the married couple sitting before her... Sam Healy and his Russian wife.

I guess it helps that your kitchen is run by a Russian, if you happen to marry a mail order Russian bride.

Howled when she told him to "go get a pedicure".

Nearly cried when Bennett came to collect her and she leaned over Healy to say...

Red: If it goes bad, take care of my girls.
"But life is a battle: may we all be enabled to fight it well!" Charlotte Bronte

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