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Re: Spocks Brain..... Is It That Bad ????

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I like Spocks Brain. I liked it alot. It's entertaining. Also it's got the name Spock in the title. That in itself makes it awesome.
Should we generally be wary of episodes with character names in the title?
I'm more wary of episodes with pretentious, pseudo-literary titles. Like "And the Children Shall Lead," "Is There in Truth No Beauty?", "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield," and "For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky."

(There was a vogue for long, flowery, literary-sounding episode titles in TV dramas of the 1960s, though it was winding down by the time of Trek TOS. Check out some of the episode titles from Route 66 and Naked City.)
I love the titles of TOS episodes. I do not think they are pretentious or pseudo-literary at all.
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