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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

Thank you sir. I was hoping you might join in this discussion.

I have yet to complete my computations for exact length now that I have it decked, but I suspect it'll be similar to yours.

The bridge module in itself is an interesting topic - if we compare the original TSFS version of the model to the TUC modifications, the plain silver dome on the original might simply suggest a recessed bridge, the silver being a sensor dome, and the rest being submerged below. However, the redesigned bridge module seems to try to make clear that the bridge is not recessed, as it closely resembles the refit-style module (despite being too narrow.)

It's almost as if ILM purposefully decided to make the ship seem even bigger for TUC - perhaps as a less-than-subtle finger to anyone who said it was "only" 467 meters long?
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