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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

FOOL ME ONCE... continues

Daya and Gloria are eating in the cafeteria. Actually, Gloria is eating while chastising the possibly pregnant one to eat. Pornstache is watching and comes over to whisper sweet nothings in Daya's ear... ABOUT Daya's ears. "Tia" Gloria kicks her under the table to make her participate in the flirtation. That kick was the second best thing about that scene... the first was the formidable redhead watching it with undisguised interest. As Morello gazes out the window while prattling on about mimosas, Red simply says, "I'm going to need you to do something for me." and she had Lorna's COMPLETE attention.

When next we see our sweet Lorna, she's orchestrating a "sting" in the common room. First she alerts Gloria to delay Caputo as he tries to leave, with a wonderful tale about her foot fungus and why she wants him to send Crazy Eyes to the "lite brown" showers since she does such a good job in the ghetto. (This sequence is one of the reasons Gloria has become my fav among the Latinas) She keeps an eye on Lorna who is watching Gina outside the utility closet. Lorna has her stretch out the complaints until the RIGHT moment and then Gloria wraps it up and sends Caputo on to his next prisoner interaction.

Lorna: Mr Caputo, I think I heard someone crying in the utility closet.
Caputo: (sarcastically) Well, we can't have that, can we?

After reminding him the girls were upset after Tricia's death and were at risk of killing themselves after every period, she maneuvers him towards the closet.

Lorna: I'd do it myself but I have such empathy...
Caputo: If I'm not home in my massage chair holding a glass of wild turkey in 25 minutes, I'm holding YOU responsible.

Guess who didn't get home in 25 minutes, and technically it was Pornstache not Morello who was responsible since he was the one having sex with Daya in the closet.

Were those garters he was wearing to keep his socks up/shirt tail down?

ETA : Hmmm, this posted without me hitting the button, is the DOC monitoring me????
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