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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

I pretty much am in agreement with what you've said. I would have liked to have seen a comic book adaptation of the game as well, or a novelization.

I had been looking forward to this issue, but the story came off as nothing special and bit predictable. I was hoping to learn more about the new take on the Gorn, and while we get a rehash of the new Gorn origins and a little bit more, I didn't think it was enough. I was also hoping they would reconcile the new Gorn origin with a more traditional take on the Gorn, and I think there was a sliver of opportunity there but they didn't go that route.

I also thought Kirk sidelining Spock was odd, though it was nice that they referenced Into Darkness and the comics After Darkness as for Kirk's reasons why.

I also liked the security team and hope we see more minor characters get face time and development. I think they need a regular security officer. Even if it's just for the comics.
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