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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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But that's still fudging two fundamentally different things, "bearing" and "location", in a manner nobody would do in reality. If Spock says that the location has not changed, then it automatically follows that the bearing has changed.
Not exactly. "Location" is defined as a "position or site or particular place". Defining the target's location as a "bearing and distance" relative to the Enterprise would fall under "position" and can be plotted as a "location relative to the Enterprise".

So when Spock answers that the target is "holding steady" from Kirk's question "has the target changed location?" could still be based on the original bearing and distance location given earlier. Since Spock and Sulu do not give additional position/location information to Kirk then he only has Spock's original reference to go with.

Now if Spock had rattled off some absolute star coordinates or affirmed Kirk's question with now bearing directly ahead or something else, then yes, I'd be inclined to agree with you.

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Kirk does not need to have any idea of the bearing or the distance, because he has told Sulu to keep track of those.
Then why does he need to ask?

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Is it plausible that NOMAD really remains immobile throughout the battle? That is, from the moment Spock gives the bearing to the moment Sulu fires his torpedo? Certainly, because NOMAD's bolts travel at very high warp and could easily pound Kirk from warp to immobility before Kirk left either the range of NOMAD's weapons, or the range of his own photon torpedoes.
It's possible. I'd have to re-watch it to see how that gels with the whole battle.

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And a separate episode, "Elaan of Troyius" showed us that "all tubes" only as forward facing tubes.
But if torps can't fire over the shoulder, then "all tubes" would implicitly only mean "all applicable tubes".
OTOH, if they could fire over the shoulder, then aft tubes should have been also used as the order was for "all tubes to bear".
OR if they could not fire over the shoulder they could've just gone to warp and got in front of the Klingon to fire her aft tubes at minimum range without turning and let the Klingon run into them and then pivoted to fire her remaining forward tubes.

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Really, the ship has to be stripped of aft phasers as well if we're to believe that the command "All phasers fire!" in "Balance of Terror" did not involve the ship spinning around while firing...
This as you know goes to the multiple phaser banks being able to fire through a single or pair of emitters as seen in "The Paradise Syndrome" and "FTWIHAIHTTS" so of course we didn't need to see the ship spinning around to fire all phasers
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