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Re: Your most anticipated upcoming game

I admittedly aren't aware of too many games prior to them coming out, but here are my big three that I know of
Titanfall- This intrigues me. Larger maps, a campaign that's built into the multiplayer, and the idea of being able to play as regular soldiers and as giant mechs. Seems like an interesting concept that I'm excited to try.

CoD Ghosts: I was almost to the point where I was over CoD and ready to skip the next game in favor of Titan Fall ad BF4. Maps are getting ridiculously tiny and the spastic action where you are constantly right back in the action after spawning is a little old (if you even survive the respawn). Even though I have the season pass, I've played less than an hour since the last two DLC packs have come out. HOWEVER, Ghosts has shown me just enough to pique my interest again. I hope it is different enough or enough of an improvement to keep my interest.

X-Rebirth: I've really enjoyed X3: Terran Conflict, though the buggy/idiotic AI admittedly drove me away from finishing the game. I'm looking forward to seeing how they reworked the series.
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