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Re: ENT Caption Contest #89: Substitution


Alrighty then, give it up for the winnahs of the final caption contest before we take a break!

JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post

ARCHER: My God. Look at these ratings!
HOSHI: I blame Voyager.
LeadHead wrote: View Post

Pop ups are worse in the 22nd Century.
Nebusj wrote: View Post

"And the best part of this suit, Subcommander, is that while wearing it I make my own gravy.''
And a hat trick by jespah:

jespah wrote: View Post

Wow, we can see right into the girls' locker room!

Phlox: These matches say you're lying! Why, I think that's my best Frank Drebin impression yet.
Trip and Malcolm together: Don't quit your day job.
Congratulations to the winners!

Whenever someone wants to step forward and revive the contest here, feel free. Until then... good night, ENT Caption Contest.

*closes thread on her way out*
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