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Re: Does JJ Abrams Star Trek have any heroines?

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I think folks may want to rewatch that fight scene between Spock and Khan. Spock was getting his ass handed to him until Uhura beamed down and phasered Khan. And she was the one who stopped Spock from outright killing Khan because they needed his blood to save Kirk.

She saved the day.
I think that if anyone else had beamed down, Spock kills Khan.

Actually Khan would have killed Spock. Spock seems to have a lot of endurance when he fights but he still would have lost the fight.
I think what BillJ is saying is that anyone else beaming down with a phaser to stun Khan wouldn't have been able to stop raging Spock from then beating him to death. BECAUSE of their relationship, Uhura could get through to Spock and stop him, thus being the only one who could "save the day."

And I agree with him. She was a true heroine.

And she stabbed a Klingon in the balls.
Now that I've seen it, and have also had time to mellow, to really think about it, I now find it absolutely, unbearably repulsive in every way except for some of the acting. - about The Wrath of Khan. Interstat, Issue 62: 1982
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