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Re: Why the John Hurt Doctor is not considered to "really be" the Doct

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In short, for the TL,DR crowd, what I'm saying is that for those who hold the idea that Eccleston's Doctor was the Time War Doctor, this issue doesn't rule out that hypothesis.
There's really no reason to think that there isn't more than one Time War Doctor, is there? Something could have happened to the Doctor that caused him to regenerate in the middle of the Time War. Hell, maybe a couple times? I've never seen the TV movie; do we know the fate of the 8th Doctor? Could he have been in the Time War as well?

Hell, maybe Hurt's Doctor started the Time War.
Four was sent to Skaro to prevent the Daleks from becoming, so, yea, more than one of them involved in the Time War. Eight, we only saw about an episode of screentime for him, since it was a TV movie with commercials for a 2 hour slot, and McCoy had at least 10-15 minutes, and McGann took a while to rise and then took awhile to acclimate. It was like any first adventure, the movie ended with him continuing his journeys. So, yes, he could've been summoned back to Gallifrey and become heavily involved, and then exhausted that life and Regenerated into Hurt, who again Regenerated into Eccelston who finally said "ENOUGH" and ended it. (Any one, two or all three could've been heavily involved)
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