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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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like is Toad a mutant or some sort?
Apparently yes, according to what little I can find out about the comics character.

Felt like we should have gotten like Magpie first or even some more 'street level' bad guy like Anarchy.
Well, they say they're selecting villains based on what they reveal about Batman and his relationships. Maybe the Pyg/Toad partnership was meant to reflect the Batman/Alfred relationship. Or maybe their environmental extremism was meant to be a more violent reflection of Batman's vigilantism, showing him in a better light by contrast.

Or, as I think I suggested a few weeks back, maybe they wanted the villains in the first episode to be fairly basic so that the emphasis could be more on establishing the leads.

Be interesting to see if they bring in Damien somehow down the road.
I think this Batman is too young for that.

And by Katana taking a super hero ID, I take her being 'called' Katana as like her codename, but she didn't seem to have the traditional 'Katana' costume or run around with her jade sword - which totally isn't a katana - calling herself that.
I think the backstory revealed last week, that she stole the Soultaker from the League upon discovering its power, explains why it doesn't match her codename. Implicitly she was already called Katana before she took the Soultaker.
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