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Re: Trek guest actors in maybe surprising roles

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I seem to recall BaBara Luna claiming her "Buck Rogers" episode pretty much recycled the plot from an episode of some old Western she'd previously guest-starred on. (Bonanza?) Luna played essentially the same part in both versions, which were also written and/or directed by the same guy. According to her, they had joked at the time about the fact they were doing the same story--but this time in space!

Forgive my fuzzy memory, but this was something she mentioned in person at a Star Trek event many, many years ago.
BarBara only did one episode of Bonanza, but neither the director or writer of the episode worked on the Buck Rogers episodes (2) she was in. She did make appearances in several western series though. And I spotted director Vincent McEveety's name on one of the Buck Rogers she did (Time of the Hawk), so maybe it's him.

Found it perhaps, she and McEveety both worked on an episode of Cimarron Strip (The Legend of Jud Starr), with guest Darren McGavin.
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