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Re: Trek guest actors in maybe surprising roles

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No, I'm dead serious. Watch the closing scenes of both eps , B5 first, then V'ger. They're not just similar, it's c;early ripped off. There's even stolen dialog.
We're getting way off-topic here, but here are transcripts of both:

"Mind War"

"The Gift"

I see no identical dialogue. One or two similar lines, but similar is not identical. There are some broad similarities in the climactic situations, but there are clear differences as well.

And it's inevitable that different works of fiction dealing with similar concepts and tropes will have similarities. Creators in the same culture and the same genre are drawing on the same conceptual foundations and vocabulary, and there are only so many ways those building blocks can be put together into a coherent narrative. So stories unintentionally resemble each other all the time. Literally the most common reason why story pitches to any television series get rejected is "We're already doing a story like that." I experienced that myself twice when I tried pitching to Star Trek. Heck, I mailed in a TNG spec script and then a very similar episode aired only 10 days later! Such coincidences are unavoidable. Every writer has experienced them. It's not theft, it's just working from a common palette of ideas, inspirations, and tropes.

Now can we please drop these ridiculous accusations and get back on topic?
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