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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness out on Blu-ray/DVD September 10th [spoiler

Well, I'm not sure that is much of a hint. This isn't the first movie to have special features that are exclusive to a certain retailer. Best Buy gets quite a few exclusive "bonus disc" releases every year and none of those have been released in a second general release edition. Earlier this year, target had an exclusive version of Les Miserables with 40 minutes of additional features and there is no sign of it being released in a more widely available form.

Hey, I hope you guys are right and I'm wrong because I have STID on pre order at Best Buy for the early access to the DC on Tuesday but, I'd really like the extra features on the Target release. I'm torn right now between really wanting to see the movie again this week or canceling it with Best Buy to get the Target version. I just have this feeling that if you want the extra 30 minutes of features then you'll need to get the Target version because I doubt they'll see the light of day on another release anytime soon, just like the other exclusives released in the past.

Let me add that I hate retailer exclusives! It is a huge slap in the face to fans. Those extra features on the Target release should be on every version so every fan has access to them.
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