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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

Well my thing with Pyg and Toad was... I mean they were our first bad guys of the series and while interesting - like is Toad a mutant or some sort? Felt like we should have gotten like Magpie first or even some more 'street level' bad guy like Anarchy.

Of course, BtB could very well really make Pyg and Toad interesting and they'll end up being my new favorite villans. But I agree with you Chris, Magpie has the makings of being a breakout character. Lady Shiva would be interesting to see if they play her as more of the 'hand' of Ras instead of just his daughter that has the hots for Batman. Be interesting to see if they bring in Damien somehow down the road.

And by Katana taking a super hero ID, I take her being 'called' Katana as like her codename, but she didn't seem to have the traditional 'Katana' costume or run around with her jade sword - which totally isn't a katana - calling herself that. Like I said, it's nice to see a character grow into the 'sidekick' not just basically have one episode and 'here's a costume, let's go.'

And I totally agree Chris - first few episodes were interesting, but I recall telling my mom at that time when it was on during prime time 'its okay' when she would remind me it was on. It wasn't really until maybe midseason that I really got into it and started to enjoy it. Although the sort of anachronistic style it set up was weird, they had like 30s-40s style buildings and cars and décor, and even old style music, but used computers and cellphones and had fax machines - the height of 90s tech! LOL

I hope DC Animation gives this series a chance to really hit a stride and really go all out.
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